Tel Aviv's beachThe beach Tel Aviv's beach is sprawled over 14km of the Mediterranean's coastline. Some
 of the beaches use for recreation and fun activities, to the city residents and the tourists,
 mainly due to the proximity of hotels and guesthouses to the beach.


Attractions in Tel AvivThere are many attractions in Tel Aviv, like the stylish streets, fancy malls, like in Azriely towers,
dance clubs, nightclubs as well as clubs and pubs, which address the vast homosexual community
in Tel Aviv.



White city In Tel AvivWhite city In Tel Aviv, at the 20s and 30s, a unique architecture style was implemented.
 It was called "Bauhaus", it is known as "the white city". There are about 4000 buildings
 in this style, the largest concentration of such buildings in the world. In 2003 UNESCO
 had declared the "white city" as a world heritage site.


Markets in Tel AvivMarkets There are few markets in Tel Aviv, like the flea market in Jaffa, which specializes
 in antiques and second hand products. The Carmel market – a bazaar, packed with cheap
 clothes and products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Additional markets are Lewinsky
 market, in the south of the city, which specializes in spices, Nahlat Binyamin pedestrian mall,
which is a market for art crafts and games (artisans' stalls).


vacation apartments for long and short termvacation apartments for long and short term two bedroom suites include  fine guest room ,and one bedroom  alocated right at the core of Tel Aviv’s most popular tourism area fully furnished, 4.5 minutes from sea shore . Parking is available for your convenience for extra 10$ per day


vacation apartmentsImportant sites in the city Ancient Jaffa – one of the most ancient cities in Israel. One of the
 most ancient ports is located there, promenade, an ancient wall, a port and a lot of history
 along with eastern restaurants, all these make Jaffa and important tourist site.


Tel Aviv Tel Aviv On the Mediterranean coastline, about 60 km from Jerusalem and 100 km from Haifa,
 situated Tel Aviv, "The first Hebrew city", Tel Aviv, is the second - largest city in Israel, with an
 estimated population of 390,000. It considered as the capital of business, commerce
 (Israel's stock exchange is located there), culture (Museums, cinemas, theaters, newspaper
 editorial boards etc), recreation (hundreds of restaurants, bars and entertainment places) and
 as a summer vacation destination to internal and external tourism, with hundreds thousands
of tourists per year.